Hepsisize was established. on  12/05/2020

Vision: Hepsisize is a Turkish company established to be one of the most powerful handmade Epoxy Products and Materials export platforms through worldwide manufacturers and exporters.


Mission: we work on setting up a trusty, cooperative and integrated environment to support our mission that depends on building a highly effective partnership with the worldwide’ manufacturers and exporters.


The Main Goal: To contribute growing trading and exporting all epoxy products, its elements and materials.


  1. Building a website where we can reach customers from all over the world.
  2. Contracting with professional worldwide companies and persons to have the most experience in e-commerce through our website.
  3. Motivating sellers to add their products to the online shop.
  4. Supporting all the sellers and make it easy for them to sign up on our website to grow their businesses.
  5. Reaching importers and distributers to export them our goods.
  6. Going public with strong effective advertising campaigns through our website and different platforms to reach the highest buyers rate.
  7. Our website will be readable by various languages.
  8. Keeping up with the every-day updates in technical services that can be used in e-commerce to achieve our goals in high growth rates.

Our official activities according to Turkish government is:


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