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Created: 2023-08-16 / Modified: 2024-04-13

MNR246 Hepsisize "Munirah" liquid glass epoxy vase

Vase, Table lamp
Vase Size:

Product size: 21.5X14X30 cm. including legs.

Package size: 25X20X35 cm.

Package Weight: 2,500 Kg.

Vase Weight: 2,230 Kg.

Leds no:
6 leds
Vase / Flower pot, Table Lamp, Night Lamp
3 Watt
12 DC V.
Shipping time:
Türkiye: 2-5 days International: 7-15 days
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Hepsisize "Munirah" liquid glass epoxy vase MNR246, illuminated with LED lights and decorated with tree branches and dried colored natural fruits as well as phosphorus elements.

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3 Watt, 6 LEDs, 12 Voltage vase. #  MNR246

A unique and 100% handmade unrepeatable illuminated vase. Made of liquid glass (epoxy) and tree branches.

This illuminated vase with led lights and decorated with well selected pink color as well as pieces dried colored natural fruits, is an elegant way to add a natural touch to your living space. The background of the dried colored natural fruits absorbs lights through special material that glows in dark so it attracts the eyes even after light switching off. Our vase will play in your rooms as a versatile piece that can blend seamlessly with any interior design style. Not only does it serve as a decorative centerpiece, but it also provides soft, ambient lighting that can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home or office. it can be used as a table lamp, night lamp as well as a vase. You can use water inside it for aqueous agriculture. This gorgeous vase stands on four silver color legs to harmonize with the silvered colored tree branched used in the vase walls and base.



It's a stylish and elegant piece.

Our epoxy vase, which you can use indoors, is illuminated with LED light, so you can completely change the ambiance of the environment.

In addition to great lighting, you will have a very stylish decorative vase. After purchasing this product, you will have completely satisfied your need for a decorative epoxy vase, illuminated with LED light.


Epoxy Led Vase usage areas:

3 in 1, it can be used as a table lamp, night lamp as well as a vase.

Epoxy led vase has many uses.

It is very stylish to use our epoxy led vase on the bedroom nightstands.

You can also use our epoxy led vases on living room tables, column tables, fireplaces, dining room tables etc. Also it is suitable for both classic and modern design rooms, as well as for traditional to luxury restaurants, hotels, resorts, dining rooms, weddings, catered events, parties, boats, and performance halls. These lamps are easy to use for all.


Product features:

1st LED: 6 led, Watt 3, 12v. LED module for the vase.

2nd Led:  3led, Watt 0.6 , 12 v. Animation blue light LED' module for the base of the vase. The blue animation can be controled by a separate on/off switch. The LED starts animating when the voltage through dimmer reaches 12v.

Voltage: 12V

Light Type: 3000K sunny

Dimmer (input & output 12 v.) included.

Adapter:  (input 100v.-240v. and output 12v.) included.

Main product materials: Liquid glass epoxy, pieces of tree branches, dried natural fruits, colors and special phosphorus colors.


Working Technique: We use special techniques for pouring epoxy, wood, pigments and decorative elements.

Product Dimensions:

Product size: 21.5X14X30 cm. including legs.

Package size: 25X20X35 cm.

Package Weight: 2,500 Kg.

Vase Weight: 2,230 Kg.

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